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The American Association of University Women (AAUW) has since quite a while ago battled to end wage segregation. Notwithstanding the Equal Pay Act and numerous upgrades in women’s monetary status in the course of recent years, wage segregation despite everything continues. AAUW keeps on accepting that pay equityâ€economic equityâ€is a basic matter of equity and unequivocally bolsters activities that look to close the persevering and sizable pay holes among people. The impacts of pay disparity reach far. As per a recent report by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research and the AFL-CIO, in light of U.S. Registration Bureau and Bureau of Labor insights, ladies who work all day procure only 74 pennies for each dollar men win. That rises to $148 less every week, or $7,696 per year. Ladies of shading who work all day are paid even less, just 64 pennies for each dollar men earnâ€$210 less every week and $11,440 less every year. With a record 64 million ladies in the workforce, pay separation harms most of American families. Families lose $200 billion in pay yearly to the compensation gapâ€an normal loss of more than $4,000 for each working family. Also, wage segregation brings down all out lifetime profit, in this way decreasing women’s profits by Social Security and annuity plans. Pay imbalances are not a consequence of women’s capabilities or decisions. Pay segregation continues in spite of women’s expanded instructive accomplishment, more prominent degree of involvement with workforce, and diminished measure of time spent out of the workforce bringing up kids. †¢Ã‚     Education. Despite the fact that the quantity of ladies accomplishing baccalaureate and propelled degrees currently outperforms the quantity of men, in 1999 the middle wages of female school graduates were $14,665 not exactly those of male alumni. School taught African American ladies procure just $1,500 more than white male secondary school graduates. †¢Ã‚     Experience. Ladies increase just roughly 30 pennies for every hour for five extra long stretches of work understanding, contrasted with $1. pay value :: papers research papers The American Association of University Women (AAUW) has since a long time ago battled to end wage separation. In spite of the Equal Pay Act and numerous enhancements in women’s monetary status in the course of recent years, wage separation despite everything endures. AAUW keeps on accepting that pay equityâ€economic equityâ€is a straightforward matter of equity and unequivocally underpins activities that look to close the industrious and sizable pay holes among people. The impacts of pay imbalance reach far. As indicated by a recent report by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research and the AFL-CIO, in light of U.S. Evaluation Bureau and Bureau of Labor measurements, ladies who work all day win only 74 pennies for each dollar men procure. That approaches $148 less every week, or $7,696 per year. Ladies of shading who work all day are paid even less, just 64 pennies for each dollar men earnâ€$210 less every week and $11,440 less every year. With a record 64 million ladies in the workforce, pay separation harms most of American families. Families lose $200 billion in salary yearly to the compensation gapâ€an normal loss of more than $4,000 for each working family. Moreover, wage separation brings down absolute lifetime profit, in this way lessening women’s profits by Social Security and annuity plans. Pay disparities are not an aftereffect of women’s capabilities or decisions. Compensation segregation perseveres in spite of women’s expanded instructive fulfillment, more noteworthy degree of involvement with workforce, and diminished measure of time spent out of the workforce bringing up youngsters. †¢Ã‚     Education. In spite of the fact that the quantity of ladies accomplishing baccalaureate and propelled degrees presently outperforms the quantity of men, in 1999 the middle wages of female school graduates were $14,665 not exactly those of male alumni. School taught African American ladies win just $1,500 more than white male secondary school graduates. †¢Ã‚     Experience. Ladies increase just around 30 pennies for every hour for five extra long periods of work understanding, contrasted with $1.

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colonization papers Colonization was perilous, hazardous, and costly for any individual who endeavored it. Sovereign Elizabeths ocean hounds arrived at Roanoke, however it is viewed as a lost state. Britains second endeavor was in 1607 when Jamestown, Virginia was established. Jamestown was viewed as the primary perpetual English province in America. The English were looking for gold. They needed to make easy money and come back to England to be respected. They were absolutely caught off guard for the new world. The English arrived in a horrendous area which comprised generally of bog and marsh where it was difficult to live. They lived in little tents or cabins that they made out of logs, branches, shrubberies and whatever else they could use for cover. Food was rare and 66% of the populace kicked the bucket in the primary year fundamentally in light of illness and starvation. Outsiders kept on going to the states wanting to bring in cash from tobacco. They were looking for land, work and riches that w ould assist them with ascending in the seventeenth century. They were for the most part worried about themselves. They were a powerless province and would have fizzled if a solitary boat had not returned once per year with more individuals and supplies. Individuals back in England before long abandoned England and isolated from the congregation. The New World offered them the opportunity the love as they wished. Plymouth state was set up by the Pilgrims, and was one of the numerous New England settlements. Land was gained from the Virginia Company. They utilized the mayflower smaller as a sort of government. This settlement had a thanksgiving with the Indians in 1621. Before long, the Massachusetts Bay Colony was set up and was a lot bigger than Plymouth. Religion overwhelmed the network. A large number of the individuals left England to discover strict opportunity, however there were the individuals who were the same than the English who were stressed over themselves and less about God. Clear time the state turns out to be not so much strict but rather more e ... <! Colonization expositions Albeit New England and the Chesapeake locales were settled to a great extent by individuals of English root, by 1700 the locales had advanced into two particular social orders. I have portrayed the two social orders trying to In 1607 a gathering of vendors built up Englands first perpetual province in North America at Jamestown, Virginia. They worked as a business entity that permitted them to sell portions of stock in their organization and utilize the pooled venture cash-flow to outfit and gracefully abroad undertakings. This joint stock organization worked under a sanction from James I with a worry for carrying Christian religion to the local individuals. In any case, a large portion of the pilgrims likely concurred with Captain John Smith that the genuine point Benefits were tricky in the early years; desires for gold and different minerals, exchange with Indians for beaver and deer skins were not to be had by the homesteaders. Numerous Virginia homesteaders kicked the bucket of looseness of the bowels, intestinal sickness and ailing health. The Virginia Company sent a various assortment of individuals to Jamestown; there were specialists and glassmakers, just as incompetent workers. The two sorts of individuals adjusted inadequately to the wild conditions. Relations between the pioneers and the Indians were unpleasant from the earliest starting point. John Smith managed the Indians by shows of power and the Indians pulled back exchange with the English. Numerous pilgrims kicked the bucket of starvation in the primary years. The revelation that tobacco would develop in the Chesapeake locale was a salvation for Virginia. The grower dispatched the principal crop in 1617 and from that point tobacco development spread quickly. By 1624, Virginia was sending out 200,000 pounds of tobacco; by 1638 the harvest surpassed 3 million pounds. The development of tobacco made Virginias grower locate a solid gracefully of modest work. To fill this need, grower selected migrants from different nations. These migrants were called indentur... <! colonization expositions Indeed, even as Europeans had a special interest in the terrains of the Americas, revelations constrained Europe's erudite people to reexamine the land, cosmographical, and spatial classes in which they had imagined their reality. Print assisted with diffusing these novel ideas, in spite of the fact that it likewise supported more seasoned conventions of imagining lands and their occupants. By and by, by the sixteenth century, the new topographies made by Europeans had started to accomplish wide flow. Subjection was brought about by financial components of the english pioneers in the late seventeenth century. Pilgrims ceaselessly attempted to appeal workers to the province. The headright framework was to give the contractually obligated slave, a strategy for getting free after a number of long periods of administration. Servitude was brought about by monetary reasons. Pilgrims mainly depended on Indentured Servitude, inorder to encourage their requirement for work. The diminishing populace joined with a requirement for a work power, drove pilgrims to accept that African slaves were the most effective approach to gain a work power that would fulfill their necessities. Before the 1680's, Indentured Servitude was the essential wellspring of work in the recently evolved provinces. After the 1680's, the number of inhabitants in the Indentured Servants diminished, exponentially. Their were various reasons why the populace of Indentured Servents had diminished. The contracted servents were fleeing from their transitory experts, to discover a vocation where he could turn out to be progressively autonomous. Contracted servents were additionally biting the dust of numerous maladies, which was brought about by unforgiving conditions. The migration of servents along these lines declined, becuase of the individuals in England being educated regarding the unforgiving treatment in the provinces. The general public was the place the land was simple to discover, while the work was generally rare. Contracted subjugation, was a type of work which was declining, and the need ... <! Colonization articles During the finish of the sixteenth century England wanted more and expected to expand its viewpoints. Regardless of Englands first province in North America, the Lost Colony, another state was to be begun simply off the Chesapeake Bay. Britains look for treasure, opponent to contend with the achievement of Spain and Portugal, and want to spread the Protestant religion all became central point that added to English imperialism in North America. The quest for esteemed fortunes was a significant explanation behind English imperialism in America. Motivated by the achievement of Spanish adventurers who had discovered gold in South America, numerous pioneers left England looking for gold. In view of this, the organization financing this endeavor sent gem dealers, goldsmiths, and nobles however not a solitary rancher. After arriving at America they chose to exchange with the Powhatan clan for food, rather that develop it, and invest the vast majority of their energy in the quest for gold. In spite of all the fervor, no gold was found close to the Jamestown foundation. Tobacco turned into a significant fortune for the pioneers despite the fact that they hadnt knew about it until they arrived at America. It was called earthy colored gold by the homesteaders since it was actually the main fortune they found in America. Despite the fact that gold was a main consideration for settlers, the spread of the Protestantism was likewise essential to England. The fight among Catholics and Protestants continued for a considerable length of time in England until Queen Elizabeth took the seat in 1558 and Protestantism got predominant. A competition began when Catholic Ireland looked for help from Catholic Spain to free the sovereign from her solid convictions in the Protestant religion. The sovereign profoundly bolstered imperialism in North America with the expectation that Protestantism would spread generally over the mainland. Alongside the spread of Protestantism, the opponent with Spain and Portugal was likewise a central point for English imperialism. Britain had numerous activities t... <! Colonization papers 1. Break down and assess the Articles of Confederation. What were the qualities and shortcomings of the articles? Under the Articles of Confederation the Congress had the position to arrange outside settlements yet no monetary or military capacity to uphold terms. Not ready to control business or set taxes they had no influence to open confined exchanging realms of France, Spain, and Britain. 2. Rundown and talk about the different financial issues experienced by the recently shaped United States. For what reason did the country experience such troubles? Both the British and American armed forces required a great deal of provisions. This caused a drive up of expenses on products. This caused serious Inflation. Congress had to make the mainland dollar useless. This made congress depend on the print machine. Printing of cash was quick to such an extent that the gracefully couldn't keep up and subsequently made the merchandise of administrations soar and the estimation of this cash to plunge. Substantial obligations were caused to fund the Revolutionary war. They would need to acquire cash (assets) and issue declarations or bonds vowing reimbursement of all. Needing to reinforce the confederation to the detriment of the states patriots. Armed forces unpaid and the main thing they could do to reimburse is placed all assets in a business bank for just government reserves, adva nces to government and to give monetary orders this cash used to settle obligations owed to the US. Morris forced Tax (American excursion) Of 5% on imported merchandise this was viewed as a national assessment and required a revision from each of the 13 states. . The disappointment because of this impost charge was one of such huge numbers of set backs that had put these patriots briefly on edge. During this Revolution: Britain shut its business sectors to American merchandise. After the war, the British proceeded with this arrangement, planning to keep the United States powerless and subordinate. American were then barred from the rewarding exchange with the Briti ... <! Colonization papers The guarantee of new wealth and the strong

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Blog Archive University of Virgina (Darden) Essay Analysis

Blog Archive University of Virgina (Darden) Essay Analysis 1. Why is an MBA a critical next step toward your short- and long-term career goals? (500 word limit) This is another personal statement in which there is no explicit request for information about your past or about the school itself. Still, you need to provide some context for your future goals â€" your goals cannot just exist in a vacuum. Therefore, you should offer some existing experience which shows that your short and long term goals make sense for you. Again, this is not a career history and does not need to be 250 words; a brief 50 word introduction of your context should be sufficient before leading into your goals. As always your goals should be specific enough that you are showing clear intent and ambition, but not so specific that you are limiting yourself or narrow minded. The bulk of your essay should focus on why your MBA and specifically, your Darden MBA will allow you to achieve your goals. Again, this is not an opportunity to sing the schools praises; you want to connect the schools resources with your professional goals and learning objectives. You want to explain how Darden has the resources to bridge your dreams/goals and reality. 2. Each of our applicants is unique. Describe how your background, values, education, activities and/or leadership skills will enhance the experience of other Darden students. (500 word limit) This essay is broad and sweeping in nature so it allows you to showcase a mix of your greatest strengths â€" professional, community, academic and personal. You should attempt to select a diversity of these experiences and present them in such a way you will be able to relate them back to your ability to contribute in a variety of areas â€" for example, the classroom, your learning team and the community at large. A successful essay will be one which not only details unique personal strengths, but also clearly illustrates how these strengths will be in action at Darden, meaning that you will have an opportunity to show your intimate understanding of and connection to Darden. 3. Choose one of the following questions. (250 word limit) These questions are flexible enough that you can make a choice about whether you want to add depth to your professional, community or personal profile, depending on the choices that you have made above. a. What would you do if you didn’t have to work for a living? This question is quite malleable. Your approach might be to discuss an unusually strong passion or a philosophical/academic interest that you would pursue. While you could discuss an alternative “career,” you should be careful in this regard, particularly in terms of community service. You don’t want to raise the question, “Well, if you value that path so much, why aren’t you pursuing it?” You should try to find an idea that is slightly implausible, but still grounded in reality. b. Describe a significant maturing experience. The key with this essay will be to show change and thus the most effective stories will likely be those with a clear climax â€" a before and after. While 250 words is very brief, your essay may have the following components: before, climax, after, reflection. Even in such a short space, there is still room for a full story and reflection/introspection. c. What have been the most satisfying aspects of your work life thus far and the most dissatisfying? The most satisfying aspects will probably be easy for most to identify; most are acutely aware of what they love about their jobs. However, simply stating what it is that you love will not work all that well. We need to experience your passion and energy, via convincing details that prove your point. With respect to your most dissatisfying aspects, it is obviously important not to complain, but to be constructive. You want this constructive criticism to be levied at your company and not become a window into your negativity. Share ThisTweet Blogroll

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How Does Parenting Affect Children Essay - 982 Words

How Does Parenting Affect Children? All parents have their own methods of raising their children. Some parents are more lenient, some strict, and some are absent entirely. What effect does this have on the children as they grow into adulthood? Studies have shown that different parenting styles can affect a child’s psychological development as well as the child’s overall psychological well-being. Parenting style can determine whether the child will have issues such as problematic behavior or poor school performance. This can also remain to have an effect on these children later in life that can lead to serious problems like substance abuse or depression. There are three recognized styles of parenting: authoritative, authoritarian, and permissive. Each style has different effects on the children, and continues to affect them into adulthood. It can also often be found that in households with multiple children, parents use different parenting methods for each child. These differences can also have profound ef fects on the development of the children. Other factors also impact the child’s perception of the parenting style, which affects how the child responds to it. Ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, and age are all factors that influence the child’s reaction to parenting. According to Masayo Uji, et al., the gender of both the parent and the child can determine how the child evaluates the parenting style. Mothers in most societies spend more time around their childrenShow MoreRelatedEssay on Parenting Styles and How They Affect Your Children951 Words   |  4 PagesWhat Are the Parenting Styles and How Do They Affect Your Child? How a parent raises their child can affect the child later on in life. There are four parenting styles: authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and neglectful (uninvolved). Each of these parenting styles can affect a child in some way. Some parenting styles have more negative outcomes than others. Some have both positive and negative outcomes. The authoritarian parenting style is a style in which the parent has the only say. ThisRead MoreWhat Kind Of Parenting Style Is The Best Overall Method For The Most Children? Essay1434 Words   |  6 PagesWhat kind of parenting style is the best overall method for the most children? That is the question that will be explored as the three major styles of parenting are examined throughout this essay. I will be analyzing these three styles known as permissive, authoritarian and authoritative parenting. Each style has various levels of what Diana Baumrind classified as demandingness and responsiveness. These characteristics determine which style or category of parenting that a person best fits. The conceptRead MoreDiana Baumrind s Effect Of Parenting Styles On Children Essay1312 Words   |  6 PagesDiana Baumrind’s effect of parenting styles on children Baumrind was born into a Jewish community in the New York’s Jewish enclaves. She was the first two daughters of Hyman and Mollie Blumberg. Diana, the eldest in an extended family of female cousins, inherited the role of eldest son, which allowed her to participate in serious conversations about philosophy, ethics, literature, and politics. She completed her B.A. in Psychology and Philosophy at Hunter College in 1948, and her M.A. and Ph.D. inRead MoreParenting Styles And Its Effects On Children Essay1558 Words   |  7 PagesThere are four main parenting styles, these four include: authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, and uninvolved/neglectful. The way in which parents ‘parent’ their children effect the children on how the child develops into an adult and it affects their cognitive development. Parents that are authoritative encourage and allow their children to be independent, but the parent also sets boundaries and limits. If a child needs to be disciplined or punished, the parent does so, but not in a harmfulRead MoreParenting Styles And Their Influence On Children995 Words   |  4 PagesParenting Styles Today, being a parent is obviously challenging in several different directions. Every parent has different opinions on how they believe they should parent and punish their children. Parenting styles can be described as the way in which a family is structured. There are four major parenting styles that are all used today. The four styles include authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and uninvolved parenting. Each one of these styles have their advantages and disadvantages. EvenRead MoreThe Authoritarian Style Of Parenting Essay1414 Words   |  6 Pageschild-parent behavior, seeking to identify parenting styles. The Baumrid study and other further studies identified four main styles of parenting (Miller, 2010): the authoritative parenting style was characterized by fair rules and consequences; The Authoritarian parenting style was characterized by strict rules and harsh punishment; the permissive parenting style was characterized by minimal rules with little or no consequences ; the uninvolved parenting style was characterized by no rules, and parentRead MoreParenting: Diana Baumrind Theory648 Words   |  3 PagesMany people do not notice how cruel a parent can be with their kids. Many dont take the time to see how a parent is truly. Most parents dont realize how their parenting methods affect their childs development. Most parents dont realize how bad or good of a parent they are. Many of them dont see that their kids imitate the methods they use to discipline their kids. In fact there are many types of different beliefs of parents. But there are certain people who observe the children’s behavior.Read MoreThe Effects Of Parental Parenting On Children1089 Words   |  5 PagesParenting 101 In the world there is no such thing as a bad child, just a bad parent who did not teach their child to be a respectful person. Strict parenting is essential to having a mature and respectful child. For instance when a child is misbehaving towards the parent. Authoritative parents raise independent children, as the child grows the parents teach them have self-control when it comes to making decisions. Opponents of extreme parenting argue that aggressive parenting affects the child andRead MoreThe Ditchdiggers Daughters by Yvonne S. Thornton M.D.1100 Words   |  4 Pages â€Å"The different styles of parenting have negative and positive effects on their children.† This quote by Tamica Miller claims how parents’ different styles can affect many children’s lives because the way they teach them a lesson. Every parent is different in his or her own way. In the memoir The Ditchdigger’s Daughters by Yvonne S. Thornton, M.D., Thornton explains as the black struggle in an unfair white America. The novel describes the oppression of the father and the consequences of the sixRead MoreEssay on Parenting Styles1429 Words   |  6 PagesParenting is defined as rearing of a child by giving special care, love, and guidance by a parent. (Merriam-Webster) Parenting usually starts when a couple has a beautiful by-product of their mutual love and respect with each other. When a child comes into someones life, parenting is usually a necessity when it comes to nurturing a beautiful, and a healthy child. A lot of responsibilities, sacrifices, and hard work are attached to parenting. There are four parenting styles that couples practices

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Homelessness, Housing And Or Child Welfare - 1313 Words

Do you have at least 5 years Human Services experience in the areas of homelessness, housing and/or child welfare? Yes No *2. Tell us about your experience in Human Services, in each of the areas below: (a) homelessness (b) housing (c) child welfare (d) racial equity (if any) (a) homelessness - I’ve worked serving the homeless in many capacities that encompass my experiences a Social Worker, a Volunteer Guardian ad Litem (VGAL), and a Volunteer at Teen Hope. I’ve also frequently work serving the homeless by distributing clothing donations at Seattle’s Outdoor Meal Site on the corner of 6th Ave Columbia St. (b) housing - I’ve performed outreach, advocated, and assisted in locating suitable housing for case participants as a Social Worker, a Volunteer Guardian ad Litem, and Volunteer at Teen Hope. (c) child welfare - Previously as a Volunteer Guardian ad Litem, I served as a legal court-appointed Special Advocate on behalf of foster children in cases of child neglect. My duties included, but were not limited to working with a team of caseworkers and investigators conducting research and analysis to advocate for case participants needs. Recently I’ve obtained position with the State of Washington as a Social Worker for the Child Protective Services Division investigating complaints and supervising children awaiting placement. (d) racial equity (if any) – Although I do not have any direct experience in Racial Equity promotion, I believe institutionalShow MoreRelatedEssay about Homeless Children In America1111 Words   |  5 Pagesgrowing age groups of homelessness. Single women with children represent the fastest growing group of homeless, accounting for about 40% of the people that are becoming homeless today.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Children that are homeless can become this way for a variety of reasons. Youth can be on their own, with no permanent residence or even usual place to sleep. They could have also been separated from their own homeless parents and placed in foster care or living with some of their relatives. A child could be part ofRead MoreWelfare Reforms During The Uk s Largest Hostel For Homeless Young People1603 Words   |  7 Pagessingle mothers, including eight expectant mothers and twenty-three children living in the UK’s largest hostel for homeless young people in London may have to be re-housed as a result of welfare reforms. It has been described as one of the largest displacements of vulnerable people since the coalition government’s welfare reforms began. The mothers have been told they may possibly be re-housed as far as Manchester, Birmingham and Hastings, which is not anywhere where they are familiar. Newham CouncilRead MoreThe Effects of Homlessness Essay1221 Words   |  5 Pagesemotional problems. homeless children have a higher rate of learning disabilities than children that are not homeless and sadly these homeless children and their families have experienced violence in many forms starting at a young age. the burden of homelessness on a family has led to total break down of the family unit. Homeless Families with children have experienced ,frequent moves , separation and foster care, poor health, inadequate education, development delays,exposure to Violence, and being stereotypedRead MoreHomelessness1688 Words   |  7 PagesCauses of Homelessness in America Homelessness is an ongoing problem for our society. Every day we come to terms with the effects of it, but what about the causes? By definition, a person who is homeless lives in public. The lack and destruction of federal housing programs and increasing rents forced those who are homeless to do in public what everyone prefers to do in private. According to the website, National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, the Low Income Housing Information ServiceRead MoreHomelessness : The Current Social Welfare Issue1339 Words   |  6 PagesSocial Welfare Issue: Homelessness Written by: Laura Westra The current social welfare issue that I chose to explore is homelessness within Canada. First, this essay will give a brief description of homelessness. Secondly, it will describe how homelessness relates to some concepts and theories that we learned in this course Introduction to Social Welfare, it will also look at what may have happened to people facing homelessness one hundred years ago, next we will explore a possible solution to thisRead MoreWhat Causes Homelessness? The United States Of America884 Words   |  4 Pagescauses homelessness? Homelessness is a major problem in the United States of America. Homelessness is a state in which people do not have a place to stay in for a period of time and are always spending their time on the streets. From a teenage eluding a bad environment, to an elderly citizen on a fine tuned income that is not enough to cover a rent or the tax increase, to a child whose parents lost their job out of nowhere and became unemployed are what leads to homelessness (â€Å"Homelessness ResourceRead MoreHomelessness : Homeless People Are Homeless Essay1381 Words   |  6 PagesFighting Homelessness Together â€Å"Homeless people are homeless because they are too lazy to pull themselves out of it.† Unfortunately, this type of misperception all too often creates negative attitudes when it comes to understanding homelessness. Admittedly, for some, homelessness is a lifestyle choice; however, the current system presents many barriers for many homeless people that desire a home, employment, and community. Since 2011, Houston has reduced its homeless population by 57 percent; butRead MoreYouth Among The Homeless Essay1118 Words   |  5 Pages Homelessness is all around the world, and many people have either dealt with the issue or had first-hand experience with it. Thus causes everyone to think about the possible solutions to such an important social and economic problem. Whether or not anyone wants to support or ignore the issue, it will always be there. However, the youth population is on the rise among the homeless. While the exact number of youth among the homeless is hard to determine, given various information about homelessnessRead MoreSocial Problem Homelessness1065 Words   |  5 PagesApplication Social Problem Research: Homelessness Homelessness is becoming a major social issue in the United States, with many poor families and young people ending up in the street because of several reasons. This condition is leaving many people helpless in the streets and the number keep on rising on a daily basis. Cities like Detroit and New York are among the most populous with poor families and homeless people, making it important for government and other social agencies to find urgent solutionRead MoreHomelessness As Positively Affected by the McKinney Act1436 Words   |  6 PagesPolicies Implemented For Homeless Many social welfare policies have been put into place throughout the course of history to attempt to deal with the ever present problem of homelessness. Starting at the first widespread attempt by the government with the implementation of the Elizabethan Poor Law, which placed the plight of the poor into the realm of responsibilities of the community; and serves as the very basis for our notion today of what welfare should be. It set apart the worthy and those deemed

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The Terrible Acts of Rwandan Genocide - 1296 Words

In between 1930 and 1945, an event took place that changed the world in many ways. The Holocaust was a genocide that consisted of the decimation of one single race, the Jews. This solemn event is very similar (and also quite different) to another event that took place only four thousand miles away. Like the Holocaust, this event is was a genocide and it took place at Rwanda in 1994. This genocide was between the Hutus and Tutsis. These two groups have a long background with each other that consisted of civil wars, switches in power and superiority, and tension. It began when the Europeans put the Tutsis in a superior position because they were the ones that closely resembled them, the Europeans, in physical appearance. It was the death of†¦show more content†¦Gourevitch talks about a character, Paul Rusesabagina, who played a large role in the Rwandan genocide. He was a hotel manager who hid Tutsis from the Hutus. He filled the hotel up over its capacity and even bargained w ith money for their safety. Gourevitch says, â€Å"Paul sought to save everybody he could, and if that meant negotiating with everybody who wanted to kill them - so be it.† This attitude was commonly shared during the Holocaust as well. There were many people around Germany and even in other countries that helped hid the Jews from the Nazis. This can be seen from Miep Gies who hid eight Jews in her attic, one of them being Anne Frank. â€Å"They were powerless, they didnt know where to turn... she says. We did our duty as human beings: helping people in need. In such a tragic time, people from both Rwanda and Germany helped their people as they could. It was one of the only things they seemed to be able to do to make the world seem less hopeless. Ironically, both of these people’s stories were made into movies, â€Å"Hotel Rwanda† and â€Å"The Diary of Anne Frank.† Another correlation that can be seen is the racism that the leaders, or leading grou ps, had toward a specific race or group of people. Gourevitch talks about the different measures that were taken in Rwanda when identification cards were being distributed to people. â€Å"The scientists brought scales and measuring tapes and calipers, and they went about weighing Rwandans, measuring RwandansShow MoreRelatedThe Rwandan Genocide And The Genocide1637 Words   |  7 PagesWith over eight hundred thousand to one million deaths, the Rwandan genocide is undoubtedly one of the most sad and shocking examples of the lack of intervention by not only the US and the UN, but by other countries as well. The ongoing tensions between the Hutu, the largest population in Rwanda, and the Tutsi, the smaller and more elite population is what eventually lead to the Rwandan genocide. The killings began quickly after President Habyarimana s plane was shot down. After hundreds of thousandsRead MoreRe Writing History And Rwandan Identity Through The Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre Essay147 3 Words   |  6 PagesRe-writing History and Rwandan Identity Through the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre In April 2004, the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre opened to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide. Peacefully overlooking the city of Kigali, the Centre seeks to be a place of remembrance and honor for survivors as well as a step towards creating Rwanda’s post-genocide identity. Rwanda has sought to find its place politically, socially, and in memory through this westernized approach to remembranceRead MoreRacial Slurs in Rwanda, Africa915 Words   |  4 Pageshad more money and were better educated. For this reason they were seen as spoiled so the hutus wanted what they had and example of class separation. After the R.P.F. took over the Rwandan government, they placed Tutsis in all the head positions of leadership. Starting in the late nineteen eighties , there were terrible massacres of the Tutsis people. A system of identification cards was put in place in to â€Å"ethnicity.† In 1990, a Tutsi majority rebel group, invaded Rwanda from Uganda, bringing moreRead MoreRecovery for the Tutsi People in Rwanda758 Words   |  3 PagesThere is a saying in Rwanda that Rwandans must swallow their tears. They do. If they did not, they would surely drown. - (Palmer, 1995, p. 459) Recovery is a traumatic, long term process for anyone involved in genocide. Rwanda had been through so much in a short period of time. During the recovery process there were many trials and tribulations. There were many parts of recovery needed in order for the people of Rwanda to go back to living a somewhat normal life. Some key types of recoveryRead MoreThe Death Of Julius Caesar By William Shakespeare And The Rwandan Genocide1637 Words   |  7 PagesJulius Caesar by William Shakespeare and the Rwandan Genocide in 1994. The omens and nightmares in the play foreshadow the death of Julius Caesar that later resulted to chaos in Rome. The events that lead to the assassination of Julius Caesar are predicted by omens from characters such as his wife Calphurnia, the Soothsayer, Artemidorus and from the environment. Similarly, many warnings in the Rwanda history triggered the genocidal slaughter, the Rwandan Genocide. The warnings illustrated tensions betweenRead MoreU.s. Foreign Policy : The Game Of Plausible Deniability1625 Words   |  7 PagesBosnia. So it was a terrible stalemate there. And thousands and thousands of Haitian boat people were taking to the high seas and trying to get away from Haiti (PBS, America’s Response) The United States found itself is a precarious position. The U.S. did not want to send troops to another battle in Africa, especially after Americans were sickened seeing the naked mutilated bodies of U.S. troops being dragged through the streets of Somalia. But, the U.S. had a moral duty to act against human rightsRead MoreRed Cross Involvement Of The Rwandan Genocide1712 Words   |  7 Pages Red Cross Involvement in the Rwandan Genocide Marcy McNeal POLS 241 Summer 2014 INCOMPLETE Introduction The birth of Red Cross can be traced back in 1828 when Jean-Henri Dunant was born in Geneva. Dunant’s character and education drove him to aid the distressed and the unfortunate and to be concerned about social work. It was until 1853 when Dunant was appointed as an accountant to a secondary firm in Algeria. This appointment involved a lot of traveling. In 1859, he arrived at SolferinoRead MoreNegative Effects Of Imperialism1139 Words   |  5 Pagesdestructive, as shown by the Rwandan Genocide. In 1962 Rwanda was granted independence from Belgium. Throughout Belgium’s rule, they believed that the minority population, the Tutsi, were superior to the majority, the Hutu. Because of this, Belgium put the Tutsis in charge of Rwanda. This angered the Hutus and created tension between the two groups. This tension continued after Belgium left Rwanda and eventually the death of the Hutu president, Juvà ©nal Habyarimana, sparked the genocide. A mob of Hutus calledRead MoreGeno cide and the Propaganda Media Essay1446 Words   |  6 Pagesfeeling of being a bystander as countries slaughter their own people has been in legal debate since 1933, it has gradually developed into a concept that can be applied in many situations, both historical and contemporary. The meaning of the phrase genocide is the cleansing of a race or ethnicity in a country. There has been evidence that this phrase can be used to describe past and present day massacres being committed around the world and how media has changed its perception on this issue overtimeRead MoreThe Effects Of Ignorance By Developed Nations On The Rwandan Genocide Essay3138 Words   |  13 PagesNATIONS ON THE RWANDAN GENOCIDE A Study in History, Lee Ann Yates, Advisor By Sheetal Chakka 00837-0097 13 August 2015 Sheetal Chakka Lee Ann Yates IB Extended Essay 13 August 2015 The Effect of Ignorance by Developed Nations on the Rwandan Genocide The year 1994. A poor, east African country. A fractured government entering a period of drastic turmoil. It was truly the perfect, ideal setting for the biggest genocide in history since that of World War II, the Rwandan Genocide. Much of the

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Henri Cartier

Henri Cartier-Bresson has been called equivocal, ambivalent and accide Essay Henri Cartier-Bresson has been called equivocal, ambivalent and accidental1 since his debut as a photojournalistHenri Cartier-Bresson has been called equivocal, ambivalent and accidental1 since his debut as a photojournalist. Amplified and enriched, the work of the photographer is revealed in all its grandeur. While he may appear to be a hurried man or a traveler without luggage2, to quote a few of his titles, he is a poet, attentive to the act of love made with each photograph, and this is where the genius is revealed. From a desired distance, we discover simultaneously the geographer, who analyses the permanence or vulnerability of cultures; the ethnographer, who captures gestures of work and rituals of religion; the anthropologist, who reflects the spectrum of emotions; and the sociologist, who reveals the development of destinies and histories.3 Cartier-Bressons dependence and uncompromising view of photography; to rely solely on the moment in time, is why he will always be remem bered. Born in 1908, Cartier-Bresson studied painting with Andre Lhote in Paris, then painting and literature at Cambridge University in 1928 and developed a serious interest in photography in 1931. His work was first exhibited at the Julien Levy Gallery, New York, and first published in Vu magazine in 1932. He has been involved in numerous films, such as La Vie est a nous (1936), Le Regle du jeu (1939), his documentary film on the hospitals of Republican Spain in 1937 and his film on the liberation of the concentration camps with Richard Banks called Le Retour (1945). His work has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, New York in 1946, and in 1947 he became co-founder of The Magnum photographic agency. He has published over a dozen books and has had his photographs printed in hundreds of magazines. Cartier-Bresson traveled the world so that he may document and present to others the human condition. His photographs transcend any particular time or place. Instead, they capture the very essence of life, be it Harlem, Madrid, Shanghai or the Paris rue Mouffetard (Ill. 2)4. In rural Europe, silent in the absence of the engine, and where everything was still done by animals and human beings, he portrays, unaltered, a societys captivating traits. At times his poetic intention towards subject matter is inadvertently socially charged, which makes his work all the more intriguing5. Each of Cartier-Bressons photographs presents itself not as part of a series, an archive selected among others, but as a singular work of art which, with its own formal qualities and unique meanings, exists in itself. Throughout his career, he upheld his own philosophy of individuality and spontaneity in the photographic process. He feels that you have to be yourself and you have to forget yourself in order to discover the exact instant and position from which the photographer extracts a moment of meaning from ongoing existence6. Thus results in a style rooted in the own photographers personality and commentary. It is in 1955 that the album Les Europeens, conceived and laid out by Teriade, with a cover page by Juan MirF3, was published. This piece presented a dense portrait of a Europe where, ten years after the war, accumulated ruins, as well as traces of hunger and misery on peoples faces were still clearly visible. In the preface, Cartier-Bresson states that whether we are just passing or settled down in a particular place, in order to express a country or situation, one needs to have somehow established a close working relationship, to be supported by a human community; living ! takes time, and roots take shape slowly One must wonder in the taking of Sunday on the Banks of the Marne (Ill. 5), how much time Cartier-Bresson spent relating to these rural townspeople. His position and proximity behind these men and women suggests an amiable relationship between artist and subject matter. This intimacy is even more evident in his portraiture of Henri Mattise, Ve nce (Ill. 3). The circumstances of the portrait tell us that Cartier-Bresson has allowed us into Matisses home, and most significantly, his life. Compositionally is where Cartier-Bresson shines. He has a tendency to have his primary subjects; ordinary men and women, in dramatic movement, thus illustrated in Place de lEurope (Ill. 1), Hyeres (Cover), and Siphnos (Ill. 4). This occasionally results in the blurring of the subject, resulting in a silhouette. This however sets the subject apart to become the focal point of the composition, and breathes life into the moment itself. The aforementioned photographs also demonstrate his ability of capturing a moment from twenty to thirty feet away, without losing its intensity. This ability of his, to freeze people in the most extraordinary or fantastic of circumstances, creates an almost surreal aura admist the picture plane. Henri Cartier-Bresson is consistent with the style of The Magnum Agency, which he co-founded with fellow photojournal ists Robert Capa, Chim and Rodger high levels of contrast and distant shots, where strong composition is only improved upon by its compelling subject matter. This is evident in Rene Burris Tien An Men Square. However Cartier-Bresson apparently utilizes railings and vertical repetition within his compositions more effectively. It is this repetition that allows him to clarify a photos focal point. The photographer was inspired primarily by Kertesz, whose sensitivity and personality remained dominant within his work depite its wide publication and commision. Cartier-Bressons most captivating work has been done on his travels, and are unintentionally politically or socially charged. Since 1932 and his first Leica: Spain and Italy, which he visited in particular with Andre Pieyre de Mandiargues, he has brought back photographs since become unforgettable. In France, the experience of the Front Populaire and paid vacations in 1937, which he covers closely, offers a lyrical and budding pro mise to his work7. After 1955, his collection is enriched with new travels, in particular to Germany, and to East-Berlin in 1962. His book Images a la Sauvette was published in 1952 in Paris (The Decisive Moment, New York) and in 1955 he produced The Europeans. His philosophy of the decisive moment resulted in his influence on Robert Doisneau, Willy Ronis, Izis and Edouard Boubat8. ! Consider the composition of Doisneaus Three Children in the Park (1971)- a Classical statue gives way to the three playful children in the distance. Like Cartier-Bresson, there is a sublime magic at work; the tiny subjects become dominant within their awkward surroundings. Henri Cartier-Bressons work, at times, appears to be a dream. Have these moments really existed, these crowds really met, these posters calling people to fight really been posted, these kisses really been exchanged, these plates really been used, these encounters really occurred? The characters, faces, expressions, clothing, scenery, streets, houses, the ways of moving, of tending or bending an arm, have changed so much over half a century, it is as if we are the inheritors of history written before our very eyes. Everything would be but illusion, if it were not for the roll of film, which turns faithfully to preserve an everlasting trace Twenty years ago, Cartier-Bresson put down the camera and resumed where he started painting and drawing. Photography is to put in the same line of sight the head, the eye and the heart Henri Cartier-Bresson. .ue27aaee57c3ea342b031f8e3cbea73c1 , .ue27aaee57c3ea342b031f8e3cbea73c1 .postImageUrl , .ue27aaee57c3ea342b031f8e3cbea73c1 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .ue27aaee57c3ea342b031f8e3cbea73c1 , .ue27aaee57c3ea342b031f8e3cbea73c1:hover , .ue27aaee57c3ea342b031f8e3cbea73c1:visited , .ue27aaee57c3ea342b031f8e3cbea73c1:active { border:0!important; } .ue27aaee57c3ea342b031f8e3cbea73c1 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .ue27aaee57c3ea342b031f8e3cbea73c1 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .ue27aaee57c3ea342b031f8e3cbea73c1:active , .ue27aaee57c3ea342b031f8e3cbea73c1:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .ue27aaee57c3ea342b031f8e3cbea73c1 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .ue27aaee57c3ea342b031f8e3cbea73c1 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .ue27aaee57c3ea342b031f8e3cbea73c1 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .ue27aaee57c3ea342b031f8e3cbea73c1 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .ue27aaee57c3ea342b031f8e3cbea73c1:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .ue27aaee57c3ea342b031f8e3cbea73c1 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .ue27aaee57c3ea342b031f8e3cbea73c1 .ue27aaee57c3ea342b031f8e3cbea73c1-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .ue27aaee57c3ea342b031f8e3cbea73c1:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Romeo And Juliet Star Crossed Lovers Essay REFERENCES 1 Clair, Jean, Henri Cartier-Bresson, 2 Fetterman, Peter, Henri Cartier-Bresson, 3 Rosenblum, Naomi, A World History of Photography, Cross River Press, New York, 1984. 4 Gernsheim, Helmut, A Concise History of Photography, Dover Publications, New York, 1965. 1 Sheed, Sheila Turner, Henri Cartier-Bresson (interview), Popular Photography, May, 1974, p.142 2 Clair, Jean, Henri Cartier-Bresson, 3 Ibid. 4 Fetterman, Peter, Henri Cartier-Bresson, 5 Rosenblum, Naomi, A World History of Photography, p. 513 6 Newhall, B., The Instant Vision of Henri Cartier-Bresson, p.4857 Op. Cit., Clair,Jean 8 Op. Cit., Rosenblum, Naomi, p. 483